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Part-time or temporary work permit

This type of application allows individuals who are neither Emirati nor expatriates to have temporary positions work at any type of business. To work in Dubai under this program, if the employer provides you a job offer, they must apply you a temporary work permit. This permit will be valid for a set period of time from either 6 months or 1 year. Moreover, the benefit of applying this temporary work permit privilege individual to work for two employers within the UAE, but before doing that so, you should have permission from your current employer to work part-time for the second possible company. This permission should apply NOC letter from the current company that allows you to work in the other company.

Requirements for the Part-time or Temporary Worked Permit application

Fill in Visa Request Form (with company stamp and manager’s signature)

Passport copy with 8 months validity (having at least 2 blank pages

Visa Copy

Attested education certificate (of the profession requires)

NOC Letter signed by the company (with company letter head and signature of authorized signatory

Passport Photo (white background, no hats or eyeglasses)

Copy of Emirates ID (front and back)

Trade License Copy

Fill in the Visa Request form

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